Build a Memorial

We invite you to create an online memorial that can easily be shared with family and friends. In minutes, you’ll be able to invite others to celebrate your loved one’s life by adding to the memorial – photos, stories and more.

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Write an Obituary

We offer an alternative to traditional newspaper obituaries. They are costly and time consuming. Here you can create an obituary in minutes and notify family and friends from around the world with the funeral notice.

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Light a Virtual Candle

Lighting a virtual memorial candle is a symbolic way to honor someone’s life. For others, it is simply a way to show that someone’s spirit lives on in the hearts they have left behind. Remember your loved one, light a virtual candle today.

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Find Local Support

There are many local and national resources available to help you as you grieve from online resources to local workshops and camps. Here we compile those resources and make them readily available to you.

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Recently Lit Candles

Frank Lugar

Veronica Michels

I'm sorry for your loss. Love and respect. Yasir

Hope Sabbatini Bilbruck

Eric Turner

In our hearts forever

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Recent Posts

Veronica Michels

John, Keeping you & the boys in our thoughts & prayers during this difficult time. Jason & Olivia...

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Shirley Dungey


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Veronica Michels

My Dearest Veronica, I've been trying to write this for a few days, yet I am at a loss for words. I still can't believe that your gone form this earth, but knowing that you are reunited with your ba...

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Veronica Michels

John- I have visited this site several times and have wanted to reach out to you and your boys. I am so shocked and heartbroken that beautiful Veronica is no longer here. Each time I look at her pi...

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Frank Lugar

Place of birth:
Johnstown, PA

Frank can not be defined by birth and death dates, schools, or survivors. He was an inspiration to many people. […]


June Lewis

Place of birth:
Ontario, Canada

A mindful and spiritual woman who’s energy will be missed forever.


Margaret Surratt

Place of birth:
Sandy Springs, Georgia

Margaret Surratt was born in Sandy Springs, Georgia on August 18th 1930. She was a graduate of Sandy Springs high […]


Veronica Michels

Place of birth:
Los Angeles, CA

Veronica was an amazing wife, mother, daughter and friend. She loved her family with all her heart. She especially enjoyed […]

Create a Memorial

Adrian Clackfrance  greenJulia Guillory-FrancisMarjorie SanonColton KroutGeorge W  Jackson JrRobin WilliamsonJoan SmytheJennifer Solbeck CobbMichael TrumpLana HoffaShelby Coatney 3/1/2010Pam MetzgerVanessa Silva-CoitoCarol MonshowerEdgar Ray (Eddie) GAULDENJoshua PykeJesus  SantiagoLinnie MelzoFeather HurnRobert Sanchez 1/4/2010Tommy Ray  Wootenshane  hawkinsJOHN  COUZINSRev. Ramon QuintanaJOHN BORSTKendra TaylorCuauhtémoc Cornejo-TorresMengistu Hailemariam  ArayaKathleen CrappTerry Michael DyeIsaiah RidgleyGeorge TruesdaleMorris Thomas HarleyKessie  HallPhineas  FinnySamuel Downes III 8/8/2012Brooklyn Faircloth 5/1/2012John Christopher Moakley, Jr.Yvonne MauldinHarvey “Odell” PuryearAllan BuckWilliam MacArthurjody reaganJune DaughertyPamela  HoembergJerrad WallaceLeonard  BellChristian  EllisJames FoleyEleanor  HillEdward CosmanWillard MorinJoseph “Joe” Martin Camp Jr.musu gimehLaurie Lone BearMatthew HawkinsBryan  Brown 6/29/2011Laura Iverson 9/13/1995Joseph BowlandElijah DuggardSteven  Mitchell 11/25/2010Ty AdrainDanielle M.  KoernerTony GwynnFrank Charles  BaileyRilyn RaeLee  Gilbert 7/19/2011Andrew StowellHenry Sanchez 7/27/2006Angelina RuizLuis Mendoza 1/19/2013James Siemerroberta frasierMichael PeaseShirley MooreSean CarmeliLouvenia Wilkins-YoungShonta MooreJerry ThompsonScully WEBERErvin BeanDelma Jean HayesSandra  Ziegler 5/8/2013Millie  MatisMy  Chemical RomanceArlene BurkeBetty Jean HooverRobert  ManleyMirian PerezRobert Michael Rogers 10/23/2007Elizabeth  Asher Hummel 7/7/1999DYLAN DENTONKarly  JacksonRandy  DyerLaKeeta ChaseJoseph (Joey) Gordon 6/19/2002Richard  LaBelleT. Wyatt MedicusEloise  TiptonBrian FarmerTerrell KingMargaret SurrattYong Do LeeJim Lembke 9/12/2011Johnny HoneycuttTimothy E. Deckard Sr. 3/27/2012Martin Richard 4/15/2013Alejandro  zamudioHazel  MarcanRicardo  RuizJune LewisJeremy RodriguezWalter BriggsJames “Jamie” GallowayMichelle  BoldenElizabeth  FlorenceRev. Ramon QuintanaDarcy KeenanRUDOLPHO RUDY ANGEL CARRANZA 3/13/2009Emanuel “Manny” Amendolaginekathy moore 7/25/2013Edward RitaDanae deMattei 10/9/2009Robbie Sticker 3/19/1997Sidney PopeThelma  RoyEdith CostiganWalter StrojnyAngelica Sofia FigueroaMartin KingJOY FLOYDCherlynn Sassy RobertsJames Hunter Lanz IIIBill GillespieLuella KeenMichele L. Cowelljennifer lynn Smith 2/13/2010Dee SheltonJosiah  BoodramMichele  DoddFredrick SolomonWilliam Sessoms-RobinsonLeon  TrotskyFrank Bank 4/1/2013Edward Anthony PuzinoVeronica MichelsDavid N. LiglerADAM TROY BIDINGERPhil Bossert, Sr.Dakotah Craig 12/28/2012Maria Feliz Gomez-Jaureguibrenda white 4/29/2013Jimmy GreerADRIAN & MIKEY AGUIRRE 6/6/1998Ashley McCauleyChristine  StallworthTravis CoxBarbara MisseyMary Mills~Lilly 2/8/1990Maria Caridad “Mama Caro” Pena VeraHannah LaneRoselin  JamesEthan EwingWilliam Howard MurphyCharlie W. MaloneMeghan MurphyRoy W NorrisJoshua LouxOrlando Victimslouis hanis 4/4/2011Dorothy Jean DandridgeMatthew J. MazzolaJayla Marie RobertsonMary CarrollJohn Christopher Moakley, Jr.Miracle Faith DonahooJOHN BORSTMicheal Almeida 3/24/2013Michael HammerJohn WilliamsSSG Peter Turner IIJOHN BORSTNelton  SaltzmanAlexis King

Our Programs

On-line Programming

This extraordinary platform educates and offers valuable resources to support the bereaved and communities through grief’s journey and provides a platform to facilitate a healthy grief recovery.

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The multilingual website

Grief is universal and technology allows for a global connection. HealGrief.org seeks to eliminate the boundary of language by offering itself on a multilingual platform.

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The HG app

HealGrief.org seeks to develop an app offering our Facebook users functionality which integrates with the website. This app will allow our users to light virtual candles and share thoughts without ever leaving our Facebook community.

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Education and awareness

Through social media venues, HealGrief.org takes the taboo out of death by starting end-of-life conversations. In addition, we provide our followers with inspiration and hope while stressing the need for community and support, empowering one’s journey with grief.

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“TimeOut” from grief

HealGrief.org seeks to provide families that have become financially burdened resulting from the death of a primary income earner a “TimeOut” from grief. “TimeOut” may be in the form of gift cards for essential needs removing some of the financial burdens resulting from the loss of income.

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Funeral Fund

When death occurs, this cost may be crippling to those already financially burdened and in need. Targeted to assist those in our underserved communities bury their loved one with dignity, HealGrief.org may pay up to $10,000 in funeral expenses after a loved one has died.

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Many people, especially those for whom the pet is a constant companion, confide in their animals, talk to them throughout the day, give and receive deep affection, and come to count on their presence as a critical part of the day. So when your beloved pet dies, it’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed by the intensity of your sorrow.

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Group of pets sitting in front of white background

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Please select a state on the map below to view the resources available in that area. For a list of national resources, please click here.


HealGrief.org is a 501(c)3 web-based organization, serving bereaved individuals with a virtual platform designed to aid and transition one’s grief into a healthy grief recovery. HealGrief.org has been successful because of its commitment to create a complete virtual location and is the only website offering the breadth, scope and functionality within one virtual environment. HealGrief.org:

  • Redefines the traditional obituary with free-of-charge funeral notices.
  • Offers guidelines on how to write an obituary.
  • Provides a step-by-step template with easy prompts and tools to create and personalize an obituary.
  • Allows users to notify family and friends from around the world of a loved one’s death.
  • Allows users to express condolences or share thoughts and memories from within the funeral notice.
  • Allows users to light virtual candles.
  • Allows users to upload and share treasured photos.
  • Provides both local and national grief resources.
  • Educates about grief and its journey.
  • Offers guidance on how to support the bereaved.
  • Brings conversation and attention to an inevitable life cycle, death.
  • Provides both traditional and non-traditional ideas on how to memorialize a loved one.
  • Offers information about the role of funeral homes.
  • Provides an understanding to funeral practices for various cultures and religious groups.

HealGrief.org is dedicated to supporting bereaved individuals by offering a virtual location, where family and friends from around the world can communicate a death, connect, and mourn. As one begins their journey with grief, HealGrief.org provides the platform to ultimately transition a loved one’s death into a celebration a loved one’s life.

HealGrief.org creates a universal understanding of grief and believes grief is a journey. HealGrief.org also believes, with proper guidance, information and resources, there is such a thing as a healthy grief recovery. By increasing global awareness and education, HealGrief.org removes the misguided notion that grief is something to get over and emphasize that grief is a personal journey that lasts a lifetime. We do so with ethics and integrity, compassion and understanding, and education and awareness. It is here that one can start their journey with grief.

All of the functionality, information and resources HealGrief.org provides are completely free-of-charge and unlike others, HealGrief.org will not require a fee to sustain a memorial. Year after year, users are coming back, expressing their thoughts and lighting virtual candles in memory of their loved one.

Write an obituary, create a funeral notice or memorialize someone you’ve loved. When you celebrate of a loved one’s life, you ultimately transition grief into a healthy grief recovery.

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