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Pets Count Too!

Pets Count Too!

HealGrief offers individuals and families a place to celebrate their beloved pet by creating a pet memorial.

Globally, pets have become as much a member of a family unit as human beings. Pets become “children” and lives revolve around the care and love of these devoted family members.

For the elderly, and for those whom have chosen not to have a human family, their pet is their “child” and their life revolves around the care and love, devoted to theirs.

And for children.  The death of a pet is often their first experience with death and the grief surrounding it. wants to capture these children and families and guide them through their child’s first introduction with grief with life tools to aid in a healthy grief recovery.

When one’s heart is ready to love again, rescue shelters are in the business of healing broken animals’ hearts after they have been abandoned and alone.  For more information about adopting a pet who’s heart has been broken visit your local shelter.

To help your loved pet stay healthy and live a long life visit your local VCA.


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