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Place of birth:
Round Rock, TX

He was a loved member of the family. He loved to go outside and patrol his backyard. He was playful […]


I adopted Tobi and his sister Lita.  We could not keep 2 of them so reluctantly I took him to […]

Tweety Bird

I have had Tweety for over ten years.  She was a stray, so we didn’t now how old she was […]

Lily Sisson

Place of birth:
Kalamazoo & Grand Rapids, MI

Lily was adopted at only 11 weeks old.  Found at the local Petco with a group of siblings, Lily was […]

Harley (Spencer)

Place of birth:
Mabie, WV

The first night she spent at our house, she cried half the night alone in her box that we had […]

Greta Shapiro

Greta was loved by her family so deeply.  She was such a beautiful, thoughtful and loving girl. 

cosmo lima

Place of birth:
Port Hope, Ontario

Cosmo, we will miss you in the kitchen.

Star *

I will be celebrating my fur baby’s life. She was a beautiful piece of my heart. We made many good […]


Place of birth:
Clayton NJ

Luna was an amazing soul. She chose our family when we were ready to adopt our first dog as a […]

Bear Reiman

Place of birth:
Uncles house

I will be celebrating my dog I miss her so much she lost her fight against Parvo today. I miss […]

Lucky Dog

Place of birth:
Los Angeles, CA

My Lucky was the most amazing companion. When he slept with me, he’d either be cuddled into my neck or […]



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