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Lil Bit


Mochi 汤圆儿


Simba, Lilly, and Gandalf


George & Howard My beautiful fur babies Love you so much Miss you everyday

Winny, Bubby, Mongo Chibi, Marcel, Ako,


Almost three months since you left. The agony is worse than ever. I miss you. -Jonathan

Marty the Miniature Schnauzer Gone since 625/2021 Missing you so much! Can't believe the pain!


Max – my sweet boy, you have only been gone for 2 days but you took a big part of my heart - I love you

Two months have passed. I miss you. -Jonathan

Scarlet Anne Mohr Your Loss is Profound Revelation 21:4

Billy Sanford 8 weeks ago today you left this world. -Jonathan

Billy Sanford I miss you. -Jonathan

Billy Sanford

Butchie Loved + cherished family

We miss you.

Hallmark’s Imperial Princess You have been my joy and My life and I miss you Fiercely.I love you


Tiger It hurts that you’re not

Tiger I miss you so much

Tiger Tiger a.k.a. y real life Garfield. You will truly Be missed.

Tiger Will always love you -Auntie Bre

Tiger Auntie Bre will miss you

Tiger Tiger aka Garfield Due to you been such a huge cat! Super gentle


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