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Designing Your Own Goodbyes

After a death loss, we are often left with feelings of regret for conversations we thought we would have more time to have. Or the answers we’ll never have because we didn’t ask the questions. Take this time to reflect on the people most important to you. Have the conversations. Have the Talk of a Lifetime®. It’s never too early to start!



Talk of a Lifetime® helps families and individuals have essential conversations about things that matter most to your person. Knowing these things during their life can help us celebrate them and their legacy in their death, allowing us to keep them alive within us and our future generations.

After a death loss, grief often brings about feelings over our mortality, especially if the person we grieve for was not considered elderly. If you knew you had a short time in life, what you want, your friends and family to know about you? How would you want to be celebrated and remembered? By sharing your story, you bestow the gift our your legacy onto them. End-of-life needs are not exclusive to the elderly. It’s never too early to pre-plan and considered that death often comes with no warning. Death does not discriminate upon age, ethnicity, religion, or anything else.



We hope this inspires you even more to consider mortality, yours, and the mortality of those we love and care. Having an advance care directive, planning your end-of-life needs, and how you want to be remembered and celebrated is for the living. You can learn more about advance planning for you and your loved ones at Remembering a Life®. Pre-planning for you and loved ones takes the guesswork out of the often asked question, “What would they have wanted?” and allows those left behind to begin grieving in a health celebratory way.

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