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On-line Programming

On-line Programming


HealGrief’s on-line programming is an extraordinary platform which offers valuable supportive tools to facilitate personal growth after a person’s death. Our virtual memorials offer family and friends, from around the world, to heal together after their person has died.  And while candles can be lit in our Candle Gallery at any time, many see it as an opportunity to remember and honor their person’s birthday, deathday and special anniversary days too. This Candle Gallery can also be used to let others know, you also remember their person.


Our Artful Healing section offers an opportunity for tangible remembrances to be expressed and shared as each person has their own story of connection to their person who died., the website stays current with content and dynamic with technology, remains the leader of information and is a complete virtual location offering everything needed to communicate a death and understand grief while mourning and celebrating a person’s life. But we don’t stop there. Our virtual Before I Die… wall offers opportunity to reflect on the daily importance of living.


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