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Kayla Ke’alani

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Kayla Ke’alani

Your Pets Home: California

Pet type: Cat

Kayla Ke’alani was rescued from a hoader’s home who had over 100 cats. She was adopted at 4 years old and became instant best friends with Kanani. She was like a doting and protective mother to Kanani despite being younger. She was initially aloof with humans, not engaging and kept to herself, but over time she became very loving and interactive. She had a nightly routine with “mom” and loved to sit with her while watching tv and movies, especially Cary Grant movies. Unfortunately, she got mammary cancer and kidney diesease. She did well with some treatment, but then declined especially after her beloved best friend/sister (Kanani) left. She did her best to tough it out, but she was never the same after the death of Kanani. She declined slowly until January 2024, she declined more rapidly. The week of Jan 8th she stopped eating in the morning and reduced drinking water. By the end of the week, she lost the ability to stand, became incontinent, appeared weak and tired. The next day on January 13, 2024, she declined further and had seizures. She was scheduled to be sent to Kanani later in the day at home, but was in crisis with ongoing seizures and needed to be taken to ER immediately. Vet confirmed it was her time and sent her OTRB around 4:50pm. She was ready even if her family wasn’t, but her family knows she is at peace now and more importantly, reunited with Kanani. Sisfurs furever! Farewell Kayla, our Queen of Hearts. Shine brightly in that sky as you are star!

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