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Your Pets Home: None

Pet type: Dog

This guy came to us from a two women who rescued him in 2019 in the woods. He was a mess.  Severely underweight with parasites and such.  He came into my life in March 2020.  I saw his photo on a adopt a pet site.  I always had labs and was looking for a new lab to adopt.  But his photo with his little hat and bowtie just spoke to me. HE was pitbull but I felt he needed me.  His first five years was a life of abuse at the hands of a dog fighting ring.  They had filed down his canines and he was a walking mess.It took a year to get him back to physical health (Heart worm treatment, done twice as the first time it didn’t get all the heart worms, shots, particular food due to his lack of teeth, meds).It took three years for him  to completely relax and be a dog.  His aggression towards dogs was declining, but he did have three instances attacking my husband and it was scary to see this sweet dog go so cujo.  But he never ever growled or was aggressive towards me.  At one point, I thought I was going to have to euthanize him for the aggression and took him to my vet to see if something was wrong medically.  He had major surgery for a huge tumor on his spleenk in September of this year.  It was expensive and even though I was on SS and a pension and my husband’s salary is not much, I paid for the surgery with carecredit,  Wall-e also had other medical needs that were expensive.  I am saying this because on November 21st of this year, he collapsed in the house, and I rushed him to the emergency to find out he had severe anemia and needed immediate blood transfusions and hospitalization.  I was in shock as the day before he was running around and being his goofy self. The cost for that was so high and that didn’t even include any treatment.  They suspted IHMA.  I made the heart wrenching decision to euthanize him.  I stayed with him and held him and told him he was such a good boy.  This was my  heart dog.  I have had other rescue dogs in my life, but this guy tugged at my heart strings.  Everyone who met him said he was special.  When I first met him, he chose me.  I feel remorse, sadness that I let him down. But I know it was the right decision at the time. But it hurts.  I wish I had unlimited money, It seemed so unfair,  He overcame so many odds that life threw at him.  I like to think I made his last almost four years with me safe, and happy.  I will always miss him and wish we had more time. 

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