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College Student Grief

College is a fun place, but it’s a hard place to grieve. -Former AMFer

We know that many college students feel alone in their grief. That’s why we are here. Finding support can be an essential part to a healthy grief experience.  

College grief support is essential for the grieving college student!

College grief support is instrumental to a grieving college student  – College students are particularly vulnerable when stricken with grief. Chances are, most students have never experienced the death of someone in their lives. Often, away from home for the first time, means also being away from a familiar support system. Peers may not understand grief and therefore, these students don’t receive the empathy or support they need. With many college campuses having limited grief support resources available, these students are at high risk to a host of issues; feelings of isolation; an inability to focus; a lack of energy; and depression. These issues can be a contributing factor to the overall dropout rate and even suicide. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

AMF has already supported over 3000 students on over 200 campuses throughout the United States.

Some of the chapters go beyond supporting one another. Penn and other Actively Moving Forward® chapters work with administration to craft a student bereavement policy after recognizing that the lack of clear communication, on this issue is a concern that needs to be resolved.

If you are a grieving young adult between the ages of 18 to 25, then AMF is here for you! By joining a national network of others who understand, you will have access to support, connections, and empowerment to help you keep actively move forward in a positive proactive way and do so in memory of your person.

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AMF is a contributing member for the Coalition to Support Grieving Students.

College Grief

Grief during college adds a host of unique issues. If you are a college student, don’t grief alone. Learn how AMF can connect you, support you  and empower you through your journey with grief.

Community Chapters

AMF is a network partnering with professionals in all communities. If you feel that no one understands your grief or are in need of others who do, then AMF is for you. Inquire about a community chapter near you.

The AMF App

If you are a young adult age 18-25 or an AMF alumni, join our the AMF App. Here you’ll connect with others who “get it” and have the tools and resources to help you journey with grief right at your fingertips!

Kindness in Action

Our young adults tell us that Actively Moving Forward® in loving memory of their person helps them through their grief journey. Many of them do so with Kindness in Action, a thoughtful way to honor and remember your person.

Young Adult Grief Retreat

YAGR, our young adult grief retreat is a 3-day retreat for young adults ages 18-25. Through YAGR, young adults connect with others who understand and gain life long coping skills to ensure a healthy grief journey and personal growth.

Grief Coach

We are told how family and friends want to be supportive but don’t know how. Grief Coach allows you to create a network of those who you need to be supported by the most. Learn how to create your personal network of support. 

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