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Arron Westley 9/2/2013

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Arron Westley 9/2/2013

Place of birth: Northampton, UK

My best friend and my soulmate.

Arron was so full of life, so happy, and too young to go. Arron will leave such a big gap in my heart and it can never be filled. I miss you so much, I will love you every day of my life.

2 Responses

  • On

    I miss you

    A year has passed and there's still not one day that goes by when I don't think about you Arron. I miss you and cannot, will not ever forget you. I still have that last text you sent me 2 days before you left us, it's not deleted, it will never be deleted. I will always hold that special place for you in my heart.

  • Haley Smith On

    I too just lost my best friend and soul mate. But you know that all they would want is to see us happy :) We also have love waiting for us on the other side. So, my darling, stay strong and keep the positive vibes flowing :) He's always smiling down on you!


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