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Our Mission

Our Mission

What Is HealGrief?

HealGrief is a social support network creating community after someone has died. Everything we do is inspired by our core belief that no one should ever grieve alone.

Our Mission

HealGrief is dedicated to supporting the bereaved by offering a virtual location, without geographical boundaries, where individuals and a community can grieve a death, connect, mourn and heal while celebrating a person’s life. Our commitment is to provide comprehensive grief care and an understanding of grief by increasing universal awareness and education while offering resources to support a healthy grief recovery.


By taking advantage of technology and social media, takes a modern approach to the way individuals communicate. uses the technology and brings from around the globe to a local place to grieve and heal together in a safe and controlled setting.

Our Vision

To validate the feelings and emotions associated with bereavement, remove the stigma and misconceptions about grief, and have a more compassionate world that recognizes “time won’t heal” and no one will “get over” the death of a loved one. We seek to demystify death’s taboo by openly discussing an inevitable life cycle.

About Our Logo

Many cultures view the hummingbird as a symbol of resurrection because each hummer appears lifeless on cold nights. Yet, when the miraculous sunrise brings warmth, its delicate body takes flight again.


HealGrief participates in community activities that create awareness and support for the services available through, as well as the importance and need for healthy post-bereavement growth.

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