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Rose Cordaro

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Rose Cordaro

Place of birth: Greigsville

Religious affiliation: Catholic

We know that there will come a day that we must let go, though we know in our hearts that this day could be today, tomorrow or years from now. It is never be easy to watch our loved ones as they leave this world. I decided to create this memorial for Aunt Rose, not for her as she lays there ill before us as we are deeply saddened and not as your typical memorial after a loss, but as a celebration of her life. Aunt Rose is still with us here on Earth. I believe when she leaves she will celebrate a new journey with loved ones in heaven. Rose would not want us to mourn and be deeply saddened but be happy that she will once again be with those she loves and remember the wonderful times spent and the laughter shared. Hold her close to our hearts and keep the memories within. Aunt Rose was one of the most loving ladies I’ve known with a good heart. I wanted to create this page to help with everyone’s hearts that are deeply saddened as well. I know you all miss her deeply as she lies in the hospital. Please light a candle, say a prayer and celebrate Aunt Rose’s life as it is on earth and as it will be in heaven.

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