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June Becker

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June Becker

Place of birth: Chicago, Illinois

Religious affiliation: Jewish

It is hard to believe that it has been one year since “Nana June” lost her battle with breast cancer. In order to honor her memory and celebrate her life forever, we have created this permanent online memorial. It will allow friends and family from around the world to share their thoughts, photographic memories and celebrate Mom’s life. We would appreciate your participation because it will allow June’s grandchildren and their future children to learn about her life, and never forget her memory. Thank you in advance for lighting a candle to celebrate June’s birthday annually (March 21st) and the day she passed (March 31st).

With love on behalf of my brother Jeff and sister Ilene,

Carol Becker Levey

8 Responses

  • Carol Levey On

    Nana, this weekend Brooke was presented to Arizona society and looked so beautiful. She looked so beautiful and I know part of you was in her heart. Love you always, Me

  • Carol Levey On

    One Year Ago...

    ...I had not had much sleep but woke up around 6am and you were breathing like you had just finished a marathon! I called Ilene so that she could get over to see you and she brought Brooke over to you. Alex was on one side and Brooke on the other - you were surrounded by two of your grandchildren when you took your last breath. I will never ever forget this moment and it will be etched on my heart as one of the most beautiful yet hardest times of my life. I love you Mom and will miss you always. You gave me life and now I will live it with all the gusto and promise that you and I discussed. I will shoot for my dreams and those of my family, and never, ever forget that you will always be a handprint on my heart and in my head every single minute of every single day. Love you! Peace be with you now and forever! Love, Carol

  • Carol Levey On

    Happy Birthday, Mom

    You would be 86 today. In honor of your birthday and to celebrate your memory, we are having an informal unveiling of your vault nameplate to commemorate both the nearing of the one-year mark when you died, but also to celebrate the beautiful life that was yours, and is now ours in our hearts and memories. We will never forget you EVER - your wisdom, your laughter, your warm heart and your solid and steadfast loyalty. Enjoy this day and hopefully you will 'mahj' at your game today!

  • Carol Levey On

    Thank you Fran. You helped save me after my Mom died and the grieving process started. Thank you for founding this site so others can NEVER FORGET those they loved who are no longer on this Earth. - Carol

  • Fran Solomon On

    Thank you

    Dear June...Although we never met, I want to thank you for your gift to this world. Carol has become such an important part of mine and through her, your life and legacy continues to shine brightly. She's a gift with no boundary. Thank you.


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