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Maria Castro Mendiola

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Maria Castro Mendiola

Place of birth: Vancouver WA

The time is ripe for looking back over the day, the week, the year, and trying to figure out where we have come from and where we are going to, for sifting through the things we have done and the things we have left undone for a clue to who we are and who, for better or worse, we are becoming. But again and again we avoid the long thoughts….We cling to the present out of wariness of the past. And why not, after all? We get confused. We need such escape as we can find. But there is a deeper need yet, I think, and that is the need—not all the time, surely, but from time to time—to enter that still room within us all where the past lives on as a part of the present, where the dead are alive again, where we are most alive ourselves to turnings and to where our journeys have brought us. The name of the room is Remember—the room where with patience, with charity, with quietness of heart, we remember consciously to remember the lives we have lived.

Funeral Notice Detail

On the day of Jan. 24th, a very special woman had past in the comfortable setting of her own home. May she Rest In Peace with the angels above.

A Memorial Service will be held at

Vancouver Funeral Chapel

110 E 12th St, Vancouver WA

Vancouver , WA 98660

On: Jan 27, 2017 — At: 8:30 AM

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