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Shirley Dungey

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Shirley Dungey

Place of birth: St. John, New Brunswick, Canada

Religious affiliation: Catholic

Mom, a woman of immense strength, pride, and most of all love.  She was my rock.  She was the glue that held this family together.  We are all lost right now, trying to pick up the pieces and carry on.  She loved her grandchildren passionately.  This month the first one will be married.  In a note she left us she said she hoped she lived long enough to see one of them married.  I really hope you still can, mom.  You were so very loved, by so many, who miss you dearly.  You were fortunate enough to remarry after your husband passed, and he is doing well, just so you know.   You inspired so many, mom.  When I think of the person you were I can’t help but admire you, if I could only be half the woman you were, mom.    I know you are at peace now and finally with all your loved ones that passed,  they are lucky to have you there.

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