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Around the third month following a death loss, we may feel grief intensify, as if we have relapsed. This feeling is most likely due to the passage of time without our person. The days accumulate with their permanent absence, and that touches and impacts everything. It has been a while since we last saw them, heard them, touched them, conversed, shared moments, smelled them, and laughed together. Their absence settles in. Therefore, the pain, anger, fear, and guilt may worsen.


In the grieving process, it’s common to encounter what may seem like setbacks. However, it’s essential to recognize that these moments are not actual regressions. Grief is a journey of forward movement, even when it feels like we’re going in reverse. The waves of increased sadness, fear, anger, or overwhelming guilt may make it seem as though we’re moving backward, but in reality, grief is dynamic and encompasses a wide range of emotions and thoughts. By expressing, managing, accepting, and allowing these feelings to occur, we can process our grief more healthily and effectively.


March, in particular, holds additional significance. It marks three months after the holidays, which is often poignant for those experiencing the loss of their person. The memories of shared moments during the festive season may resurface, intensifying the feelings of emptiness and longing. It’s a period that requires even more understanding, support, and self-compassion as we navigate the complex emotions we are experiencing.


Special dates like birthdays and anniversaries may also bring profound sadness, making us feel like we are regressing again. Memories of what was shared and experienced on the last significant date come back, making it inevitable to feel sadder around these dates, especially approaching that significant date when the pain intensifies.


These sad days will also pass, and we will feel very different when they do. We will feel more relieved and calmer. Grief requires patience, acceptance of the process, and feelings that come and go. There’s no need to hurry or pressure yourself to feel better. Grief is a long, complex, and complicated time where respecting one’s pace is most important. For many, time allows the tears of sadness to turn into smiles as we reflect on the memories we hold for our person.


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