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Desire’ Marie Downing 3/3/2012

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Desire’ Marie Downing 3/3/2012

Place of birth: Philadelphia, PA

Desire' is my first born child – I was only 17. We grew up together. Her life was taken from her and me by Michael Dorio.

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    RIP my Alfa Girl - Love Mom! Happy 19 month old birthday 10032013

    All that I achieved all that I am Des, was because I became your mother. A purpose greater than any force - When your life was taken, once again my life changed - I'm lost without you - drifting into an abyss of wondering forever about this earth looking up toward the sky - fixing on that one star that shines brightest, dancing and moving - knowing that your watching over me, providing me with the light of your soul. I miss you Des. I held you when you took your first breath and Lord knows I would have been there to hold you until you took your last - then gently would I give you back to the Father who gave me you - the gift of life and love. Love Mom - always and forever.

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    Happy Earth Birthday Des - 12022013

    Thanksgiving was more difficult this year and your birthday looms - I slept for 48 hours - I'm losing my resolve to go on. You were a life that gave me life. Its getting harder - perhaps the truth that you are never going to return is sinking in. The horror that still surrounds my thoughts and memories of the day that phone call came in. The trauma of seeing your lifeless body consumes me. If there is a God and there are angels - lift me up. You, my first born, are mil lifeline - without your essence, mine is snuffed out as well. Mike Dorio needs to be be brought to justice somehow some way, if the police can't, God will. I love you. Luv Mom


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