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Clarisse Mcclellan

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Clarisse Mcclellan

Place of birth: None

Clarisse was a young girl who loved to talk she was very cheerful and very happy.
She loved finding out information about books and why firemen burn down houses rather that stop the fires but most of all she always thought the world of one person and that was Mr. Montag he was the only fireman that would actually talk to her and tell her what was going on she was one of the most sweetest girls you will ever meet her memory will always be in everyone’s hearts ..

Funeral Notice Detail

Clarisse the way she died was crazy the cause of her death was that she got hit buy a car.
and she died at the seen not at the hospital she died right as soon as she got hit and hit the ground.

A Memorial Service will be held at

Town church

3243 old burn book rd

fire town , GA 23453

On: Dec 17, 2014 — At: 5:00 PM

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