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Joshua Schoenhoff 6/3/2011

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Joshua Schoenhoff 6/3/2011

Place of birth: St. Louis, Mo.

Joshua was Born with cystic Fibrosis, and had a double lung transplant on Nov. 4th, 2008. He passed away due to organ rejection. He was a kind and loving soul and everyone who knew him, liked and cared about him. He was a journalist and the editor in chief at his college newspaper which he absolutely loved. Joshua loved his older Brother Greg, they were 2 peas in a pod,. Joshua wanted to get married and on May 4th, 2011, he and his fiancee April, were married. Joshua was an adorable young man, a beautiful Son, loving husband, brother, uncle, nephew and cousin, and his absence is keenly felt were an angel on earth Son, now you’re Gods angel!

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    A lover of Laughter

    He sure had a sharp wit about him, and how funny he could be. He didn't believe life was worth living if you couldn't be laughing. I will always miss your big beautiful smile baby boy, and the way you could always lift my spirits with your joking and hearty laugh, Always in my heart, until you take my hand to help me across, Love Mom

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    Joshua....A Beautiful Soul!!

    An amazing young man! Wise beyond his years! I hope everyone can learn from Joshua's heroic life. He lived with the daily stress of cystic fibrosis, but continued to live his life to the best of his ability. I didn't see him everyday, but when I did he always brought an uplifting feel to the air, even during his long recover from transplant surgery. He has taught me to live everyday as if it were your last........Live is what you make it! I am proud to call him my nephew!


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