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Bernie Nassberg

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Bernie Nassberg

Place of birth: New York

Religious affiliation: Jewish

Born in New York, Bernie was one of eight children.  Bernie leaves behind his wife Jeannine of 35 years, his three children, Crysellen, Francine and Jeannette and seven grandchildren.  After family, Bernie’s love was of country.  A military man, he served our country during World War II. While in the army, Bernie defended our country on the battle fields, landing into combat as a paratrooper.

Retiring as a Lt. Colonel, he entered civilian life again in his forties to tend to his new young family.

A family man now still on reserve, Bernie returned to college and was an English major and graduated with a degree in chemistry and applied his knowledge working for Richard Coulston & Sons, a supplier & manufacturer of pigment where he wrote articles and case studies that set FDA standards used today.

A conservative man with solid ethics and morals, his wish in his late years was to see his youngest daughter marry and with children.  A wish never realized in his life.

6 Responses

  • Lianna Solomon On

    Dad, It's been so many years yet I think of you every day. If only you could see your granddaughter. Everyone says she's looking more and more like me, a little Fran! She's tough, strong-willed and determined, traits she not only takes from the Nassberg side of the family, but also her father's. You'd be proud! Missing you Xo

  • On

    A note to Bernie Nassberg

    Really miss you!

  • On

    Dad...How could you leave me with the burden of determining fair equity? I gave half of all that was left and in my heart I know you wanted mom cared for first. I love you and think you you often and whenever I get a chill, I say, "That's my dad...Letting me know he's there,"

  • On

    Your Birthday

    Mom died a day before your birthday...Your present to you as she's with you now!

  • On

    You'd so be proud...

    Dad...You'd be so proud of the grandchild you never met in your lifetime.


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