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Build a Memorial

We invite you to create an online memorial that can easily be shared with family and friends. In minutes, you’ll be able to invite others to celebrate your loved one’s life by adding to the memorial – photos, stories and more.

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Write an Obituary

We offer an alternative to traditional newspaper obituaries. They are costly and time consuming. Here you can create an obituary in minutes and notify family and friends from around the world with the funeral notice.

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Light a Virtual Candle

Lighting a virtual memorial candle is a symbolic way to honor someone’s life. For others, it is simply a way to show that someone’s spirit lives on in the hearts they have left behind. Remember your loved one, light a virtual candle today.

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Find Local Support

There are many local and national resources available to help you as you grieve from online resources to local workshops and camps. Here we compile those resources and make them readily available to you.

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Robert Null

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Rhonda Sanders

In Memory Of Your Birthday

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Recent Posts

Linda Renfro-Dufner

I am regretful to hear about the loss of your dear loved one. How tragic, tears flow automatically when we lose someone we love. In this time of grief, the Bible assures us: 'Almighty God is near to t...

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tommy burkhart

I still miss you so much. Its like it was yesterday. Today is always so hard for all of us......Had cookie day yesterday I hope you were hanging around with all of us....

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James Zarifis

Hey Grandpa!Maybe it's stupid to write you online like this but hey you were always a fan of emails haha. I want you to know that I miss you and Grandma everyday and when I think of giving up on ...

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Alexis Philiptchenko

Alexis and I became co-workers back in 2006. He was always open to exchanging minds over technical questions and wasn’t shy to give a hand. He naturally attracted colleagues and visitors to the bure...

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Katheryn Shipp

Place of birth:
Mishawaka, Indiana

This memorial was created in honor of Katheryn Elizabeth  “Liz”  Shipp of South Bend, Indiana.Katheryn was born on September  22, […]

Loretta Jennett

Place of birth:
Petaluma, California

Loretta Jennett had the greatest love for Jesus. She was born in Petaluma in 1963 and moved to Santa Rosa at […]

Rickey Brown

Rev. Dr. Rickey, of Paterson,made his transition on December 3rd 2017. Memorial services are Thursday, December 7th 2017 6:00 PM […]

Linda Renfro-Dufner

Place of birth:
Austin, Texas

Linda Renfro-Dufner, 62, of Briggs, Texas lost her courageous battle with cancer on Monday Dec. 4th, 2017. Linda was born […]

Create a Memorial

Charlene BennettDanae deMattei 10/9/2009Elizabeth CarverBertha Mae Rowlsalexander gastelum 10/8/2012Addie Silasmarissa JeffreyTara PiersonRobbie Sticker 3/19/1997Eloise  HendersonTino Morganlarry danbackTest OneTheresa HammondAnne MearaRobert Charters Mills IIIDanton Stalnakerstacey CoinEdward OlivasCherlynn Sassy RobertsMary Jane RidgeWally VanArnhemAmanda WilliamsGary Schuyler, Jr.Bernice Arrezola-RiojasJohn “Johnny” Colson Jr.Victoria BrooksAlma Burks-KeysCarla HallPaul Francis Viscetto Jr.Barbara Louise  ShultzMercedes LazoAngelina RuizHenry Sanchez 7/27/2006charles johnsonSharon OwenDonna PhillipsNicole PraterTimothy LynchMckinney BradleyJeremy ToneyTommy Goad 12/25/2005Lawrence ChaseRoderick Sherwood 3/10/2013Kenneth KeathMary GriggsMary Dennis  Bradfordcourtney lynn boyer miner 2/24/2012Yong Do LeeOur Fallen Soldierschad cliffordLottie HallmanMark Sturtevant  4/12/2012Amanda Sutton-HoodGLENROSE MARY SHEFFELSarah Rose Catherine Broeder 5/30/2011Maria Amelia AlexandreGeorge W  Jackson JrPatrick RobinsonAlfred  zwackMichele  DoddJayla Marie RobertsonLuis Mendoza 1/19/2013Victoria DaughertyPaul ClarkMykel Wayne PetersonDaniel Garcia NoriegaShisha Wallycarleen jorgisonNathan Chaddick 5/1/2006Cynthia LynnPamela  HoembergWilliam MillerWilliam F BirdKreg Vaughan20 Innocent Children 12/1/2012Janet PhippsBranden ThurmondKay Ellen (Cronin) RussellVictoria Brown 5/2/1990Yosef BoazFelipe GarciaHolland Ross BurtonMuriel Alice GarmsRita  LaCraigRich  FosterRuthann KarrMelanie RonnerTeresa NorthcuttRaymon  LewisJames Sugar Duke WilliamsonConnie RobertsKENNETH PENNFrank Bank 4/1/2013Danyell Seay OlteanRobert Ater 4/22/2006Margaret SurrattLeo HoSeshendra SharmaBill WattsMarley Weiner-WylingtonPat StutesmanSean Christopher CannonSean CarmeliBaby AvenBarbara GeorgeTony GwynnJune LewisRowena May Elizabeth Dade (nee Watson)Marie-Claire MillerSarah Klemovitch 10/21/2013Jonathan AtwaterLawrence WhiteTerry StonemanSgt. Kimberly Diane Agar 10/3/2011Dorothy Dunn BradfordChristopher J.L. Davis 11/28/2005Frances  BarkerJoshua OttoCarole HellerDakotah Craig 12/28/2012Laura Marx 4/16/2013Reginald WeakleyDavid TroyerCarol Jene CrawfordCorbin Alfred McHenry 8/17/2013Patsy SmithAlice “Mimi” FailCarla Jean WhiteTheola CooperMatthew SilvermanWarren  BurkhardtJames Padro VelazquezMargaret “Maggie” O’Brian WolfingerJorge Huitron, Jr.Edward Anthony PuzinoMichael  Caudill 7/3/2006Johnny McGheeRaymond W Larkin LarkinBrittney (Bri Glam) Norero 2/3/2012Kyle JohnsonRobert GrahamMalinda Greentommy burkhartNana Angela Rose HesseJanice PoultonNEAL ALLEN HOEPPNEREric Keith GreeneTheodore Roosevelt SandersGladys del Carmen JorgensenAngelica Sofia FigueroaEliabeth Gertrude (Reeves) Ward 6/27/2013August RileyMatthew J. MazzolaJulio OrtizJacob Sportsman 11/26/2012William “BILL” M. SayerPhineas  FinnyDonald StarrSteven  Mitchell 11/25/2010Carlean FloydMartonio IngramANTHONY FRANK GRASSO 1/29/2013Maxine (Dimples) LinnenbomFredric “Rick” BeckerGladys GloverMarilyn FlahertyJohnnie PettyMaxine BassJoseph NelsonC JWalter StrojnyRichard C. Heimrich 9/30/2005John “Pat” SchellJeremy MarrowsVanessa  EmelinaMr. Henry Harlod Thomason Sr.Cherrie Barr MullenRobin WilliamsonMary Lucille EschkerBobbi StarksMILDRED WILLIAMSWilliam Scott Munroe

Our Programs

On-line Programming

This extraordinary platform educates and offers valuable resources to support the bereaved and communities through grief’s journey and provides a platform to facilitate a healthy grief recovery.

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The multilingual website

Grief is universal and technology allows for a global connection. seeks to eliminate the boundary of language by offering itself on a multilingual platform.

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The HG app seeks to develop an app offering our Facebook users functionality which integrates with the website. This app will allow our users to light virtual candles and share thoughts without ever leaving our Facebook community.

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Education and awareness

Through social media venues, takes the taboo out of death by starting end-of-life conversations. In addition, we provide our followers with inspiration and hope while stressing the need for community and support, empowering one’s journey with grief.

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“TimeOut” from grief seeks to provide families that have become financially burdened resulting from the death of a primary income earner a “TimeOut” from grief. “TimeOut” may be in the form of gift cards for essential needs removing some of the financial burdens resulting from the loss of income.

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Funeral Fund

When death occurs, this cost may be crippling to those already financially burdened and in need. Targeted to assist those in our underserved communities bury their loved one with dignity, may pay up to $10,000 in funeral expenses after a loved one has died.

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Many people, especially those for whom the pet is a constant companion, confide in their animals, talk to them throughout the day, give and receive deep affection, and come to count on their presence as a critical part of the day. So when your beloved pet dies, it’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed by the intensity of your sorrow.

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