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William (Bill) Albrecht

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William (Bill) Albrecht

Place of birth: Michigan

Religious affiliation: Christian

William (Bill) Albrecht passed away in Portland,  OR on 04.11.2020. He left behind his wife of 30 years, Jenn Albrecht. Bill will be extremely missed by his friends and family. His wife will never be the same as her heart and her raison d’etre died that day, as well. Every morning she takes a deep breath and swallows the tears as she realizes, again, that he is gone and she is alone. He was an amazing husband, soulmate, and best friend. The thought of another day without him is almost too much to bear. Those that were lucky enough to know Bill and call him friend, were given a huge gift and they, also, feel the weight of his absence. Bill loved to laugh and to make others laugh. For his wife, life is empty without him and she will live in the shadows until they are together again.

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