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Ronald Ulbrick

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Ronald Ulbrick

Place of birth: Bridgeport, CT

Religious affiliation: Catholic

Ron grew up in the small town of Shelton, Connecticut. Ron often talked of his childhood and how wonderful his parents Ron and Maud were. He deeply loved, adored and had great respect for them. His childhood was a happy one. He spent most his childhood years playing sports. Although enjoying all sports & living on a golf course, his real passion was for baseball, like his father.

As a teenager Ron learned all he could about cars. He even worked side by side with his dad as an Automotive Technician. He developed strong mechanical skills, which later became his trade.

Ron was free spirited, adventurous and traveled the many states. He was never afraid to set out on his own without a plan in place. He believed in himself and knew wherever he ended up he would and could make it work. He always had a great stories of the places he visited and the people he met.

His travels eventually landed him in Seattle, Washington, where he took employment working on the Alaskan fishing boats. After a few tours he returned to Seattle where he met his wife Gina and decided to plant his roots.

Ron and Gina spent 17 beautiful years together.They had two son’s Dylan and Zachary. Ron loved his boys. Always striving to give them the world. He tried so desperately to give them the type of love and encouragement he was given as a child. In Ron’s eyes his boys were perfect and could do no wrong.

Before Ron’s passing he continued his trade as a mechanic and eventually opened his own automotive shop, known as Ron’s Automotive. Ron’s Automotive was his calling. He enjoyed being a business owner. He loved his customers and treated them like family.

Ron was unique, one of a kind and never dull or boring. He could always find the humor even in the worst of times. Ron will be deeply missed. His memory will never fade to those of us who were fortunate to know and love him.

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