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Jerry Dean Killingsworth

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Jerry Dean Killingsworth

Place of birth: Oak Park, Il

Religious affiliation: Other

As a boy, he was the kindest. Mama says, more tender hearted than most young men. As he grew older, he began beating on coffee cans, tables, car seats, and eventually his very own set of drums, and the talent became so apparent. The gift continued to playing a guitar next. I don’t proclaim this because he was / is my brother, it was the truth. He could play any song he set his heart to and it sounded perfect. Jerry could sing too. I know, because I sang with him in church. And looking back …what an honor it was. Today we celebrate his birthday, even though he’s been in Heaven and playing his drums and guitar there with Jesus for two and a half years now. We greatly miss you brother. <3 But I thank God every day you are safe and free from torment forever more. See you soon!! I love you Jer.

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