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Daniel “Danny” Pellegrino

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Daniel “Danny” Pellegrino

Place of birth: New York

My brothers loss was very tragic, when he died a piece of me went with him that day. It feels like yesterday no matter how many years pass. I went to his funeral but never got to go visit his grave since we lived far a part. Hope this memorial page will help me heal and have a place to visit to remember him by.

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    The Day Danny Died

    I knew my brother died before my Mom even told me, I have always had a mental connection to Danny so I KNEW he was gone. I do battle PTSD a huge part of my PTSD is from my brothers tragic loss. I downloaded "Daniel" by Elton John (His favorite artist) the day he died, I stared out the window looking at the clouds crying uncontrollably. I tried to convince myself he was OK, But I KNEW he was not. His estimated time of death was the same time I downloaded that song. His loss made me feel empty, I feel like he was the ONLY person who could understand my mental struggles without saying a word. He battled mental illness, and sadly LOST his battle. I hope sharing my story and his story will help stop the stigma of mental illnesses and raise suicide awareness. I miss you every day Danny, I am sorry I never got to say goodbye and tell you how much I love you.


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