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Danny Stalker

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Danny Stalker

Place of birth: Lafayette Indiana

Religious affiliation: Christian

My son Danny died of a sudden heart attack at the age of 35. He was such a loving son who always thought of his parents and siblings first. He was always the first one ready for a family cookout or Sunday football game on TV where I, mom, would cook dinner and all the kids would come over and watch our favorite team Indianapolis Colts. Danny was a big big and I mean big sports fan. He loved it all basketball, baseball and football. He was infectious with his love for sports and we will all miss being tagged on Facebook about Purdue, the Cubs and the Colts. He lived about 45 min away and whenever he was in town he would stop by just to say Hi have a cup of coffee and catch up. He would always hugs us tell us he loved us and he would be on his way. Every conversation we had with him whether it was in person or on the phone always ended in “I love you” He was our first born son and his father and I are in so much pain.

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