Support Us has the goal of guiding you through the grieving process. Grief occurs when you’ve lost someone and your mind and body need to find a new way to go through your life without that person. Traditionally, the first thing done after a person passes is the creation of a traditional obituary. This is often a very formal piece of writing that is sent to newspapers for publications. Many people no longer use newspapers, though, and don’t learn of a death in this way. When you use a free profile on, you can share information is a more modern manner.

How You’ll Benefit from Sharing Online Memorials

The first step for users is to create an online profile at the site. When you do this, you’ll create an online version of an obituary. It’s far more complete and thorough, depending on what your needs are of course. You’ll create a funeral notice if you’d like as well. After spending some time creating this information, you can then decide what the next step is for your unique needs.

In most situations, it is then possible to disseminate the information to your family and loved ones. In other words, you can share links, post on social media, and send messages to others about the online obituary or online memorial. In doing so, you control who sees it. However, it is possible to then spread this information around the world.

The direct result of this process is that you begin to feel comfort as condolences are expressed to you through the online memorial. Loved ones can light virtual candles showing their support to you. They can share memories and thoughts with you and with others.

The process offered by changes the traditional obituary and creates a much more meaningful, engaging way to share your loss with your loved ones. It can be one of the best routes to creating a memorial place to talk and share in this time of loss.


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