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Lighting a candle is one way to show that you remember someone. It is a way to show that you want to honor that person. Whether you do so at home, in a church, or through a virtual candle website, the goal is the same. Making this small gesture can be quite a life changing statement both for you and for the others you hope to support during your time of loss. Most people don’t see the value of what seems like such an insignificant gesture. Why do it? What does it really mean to light a candle after a person’s loss?

It Does Not Have To Be Spiritual

While many religious beliefs center around candle lighting, the act itself is not necessarily that. In fact, it can be done for many reasons. Candles, such as one placed on your mantle after you’ve lost someone, can help you to think about that loved one. Placed in a church, it can help you and others pray for that individual. Virtual candles can help you to show support to loved ones who are suffering this loss along with you.

The lighting of a virtual candle is a significant step towards showing respect for the lost loved one. If, for example, you’ve lost a family member, you may not have a lot of words to say to the immediate family but you want them to know you are thinking of them and honoring the lost individual. A virtual candle helps to do that. When the number of these candles increases, it can help family to see just how much this person meant to others.

Don’t overlook the value of such a gesture. You cannot do much after someone dies to support your loved ones or to honor the life that was lost. What you can do, though, is to show simply that you are there, thinking of them and sending them good thoughts.

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