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For those of us grieving a father’s death, feelings of grief may be bubbling up as this Father’s Day approaches. Some say that they prefer quiet time to reflect. So, solitude may be the answer. However, many tell us how reaching out to others who understand is comforting during these difficult times with grief. So, they may seek family and friends to share their memories with or seek to connect with others who understand because they are having a similar grief experience.

Regardless of what is best for you, we at HealGrief advocate self-care. Self-care are kind and nurturing words hyphenated together. Find ways to self-care when grief begins to bubble up.

Holidays Can Be a Challenging Reminder

When coping with a death loss, even seemingly innocuous things can be a vivid reminder of your person. However, holidays can be special reminders, bringing back memories and serving as a bitter reminder of missed future experiences. 

If you’re feeling particularly sad or anxious by Father’s Day this year, know you are not alone. Others share this experience too. At HealGrief, we are dedicated to providing effective support to navigate this difficult period in one’s life. We offer services to help cope with the feelings of grief that come with the occasion.

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Dealing with a death loss is never easy. But support can ease the pain and help you move forward. Everyone needs help at some point in their life. There is no shame but rather strength  in reaching out for support. Register today for HealGrief’s Actively Moving Forward (AMF) App and join a community of support. The App is where members connect and participate in virtual support groups and conversations designed to expand one’s perspective on grief and loss.

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