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Navigating Grief after the Death Loss of a Child

There’s no “right” way to grieve after a child’s death. Since a child is often considered an extension of a parent’s hopes and dreams, a parent may feel they’ve lost purpose after a child’s death. However, no matter how old they are, the death loss of a child means losing a unique personality full of life and potential.

Understanding grief may help one navigate after such a loss. Though there’s no way to prepare or propel oneself through grief, there are things to be mindful of, ways to avoid triggers, and coping mechanisms one can master.

A few things to be mindful of after Child Loss

Though grief looks different for every person, here are a few things one needs to be mindful of: 

● The act of overprotecting surviving children;

● Feelings of guilt, failure, or disappointment;

● Resentment towards surviving children;

● Shock and denial as one tries to process what’s happened.

Grief can ebb and flow and often comes in waves. Though the most intense grieving periods tend to last around 18 months, there is no time limit on grief. Even years after the death loss of a child, birthdays, milestones and other reminders can trigger distress.

Healing after Child Loss

Moving forward after the death loss of a child looks different for each person. However, few people, if any, can navigate their grief alone. It takes support, emotional openness, and the right resources to prepare to move forward from a traumatic event like child loss.

Even though it may seem challenging right now, the first step is to accept whatever help others can give. Over time, one might look into continuing education programs to learn coping strategies or consider donating to a child sponsorship fund to give back after a traumatic experience. 

To learn more about navigating grief after the death loss of a child, contact HealGrief today. The way one is supported matters, and HealGrief can help connect one to resources that can help guide one’s journey as many seek to learn how to move forward after their child has died.

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