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You’ve heard the phrase, “drowning out your sorrows,” but it’s not a good bit of advice. In fact, it could be one of the worst decisions you make if you are struggling with grief. Grief is the process of coming to grips with the loss of a loved one. It’s an emotional process that is never easy to work through much less overcome. However, you shouldn’t drink if you are grieving. In fact, doing so could make you feel even worse. As you look for ways to get through this time in your life, put the bottle down and consider the options you have for making better decisions.

Why Alcohol Doesn’t Help

Alcohol is a type of depressant. That is, it does not make you forget, but can make your dwell further on what you are facing. Alcohol can make you feel even more depressed than you already are. Because this is a depressant type of drug, it cannot help you through the emotions you are feeling. When the numbness wears off, you remain frozen in the same state. The only options you have are to keep drinking to stay numb or to find another way to face it. Keep in mind that making the first choice can alter the path of your life forever.

How to Cope with Death

It is time to consider the options available to you to cope with this loss.

Find someone to talk to about the way you feel. If you cannot find someone in person, look at grief forums and online venues that provide support.

Use creativity as a way through the grief. Write something, create a painting, or start a journal.

Create an online memorial that allows others to help support you even from a distance.

Alcohol isn’t the choice to make when it comes to overcoming grief. Though you may want to feel the numbness, it cannot last.

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