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Your mental health isn’t something to push to the side when you are struggling with loss and grief. Unfortunately, this type of intense situation can, in fact, push you to that point. You may feel limited, hurting and overwhelmed. In some cases, you may feel as if you just can’t go on. It’s essential that you take care of your mental health after such a significant loss. And, if you know others who are struggling right now, it’s important you keep an eye on their mental health as well.

What Can You Do?

To protect your overall mental wellness, there are several steps you can take after suffering loss or struggling through grief. These steps can help prepare you to walk through the stages of loss and get to a point of healing.

-Realize that significant changes in your outlook after the death of a loved one can be worrisome. Life for you has changed and that uncertainty can lead to further anxiety. While you may feel your life is going to change, you should see value in it.

-Find someone to talk to no matter how limited you are. If you do not have a close relative, consider a professional counselor. You can even find many support groups online who can provide you with help.

-If you don’t feel as though your mental health is getting better within six to eight weeks of the loss, turn to a professional. It is very common for those with the tendency to develop depression to go into severe depression after suffering this level of loss.

It takes time to heal. There is absolutely no limit to the amount of time it can take you to get through this loss. However, it is up to you to move through your grief one step at a time. When you don’t feel right or you simply don’t know how you can keep going, reach out to a professional to get the support you need.

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