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Are you responsible for writing funeral letters? Perhaps you have to deliver the eulogy. Whenever you are tasked with taking your thoughts and feelings about a person and writing them on paper, take a step back for a moment. Think about what you want your message to be. Then, no matter how much you are afraid, overwhelmed, or just unable to communicate those feelings, put pen to paper.

Take the Time to Get Your Feelings in Order

It’s an extraordinary task to write a funeral letter. There is a lot to think about in the process. Instead of going through this in your current state, take a step back. Give yourself some quiet time to think. Turn off the TV, shut the door, and just think. Think about your experiences with this person, what qualities truly stood out, and what made him or her unique. Gathering your thoughts is essential to the process.

Questions to Get You Started

The grieving process is intense in every stage. Before you can write the letter and get your thoughts down, ask a few key questions. This will help you to formulate your thoughts and ideas into what you want to say.

-How did you become close to this person?

-What touching or even humorous experience can you remember? More specifically, what represents the essence of your individual and your relationship?

-What did you (as well as others who knew him or her) admire about this person?

-What will you miss the most about this person?

It’s important to be honest in these thoughts and comments. Choose your words wisely based on what would honor the person that’s passed on. For example, you should only use humor when it fits the true personality of the deceased. Also note that your letter does not have to be long. It just needs to communicate your thoughts and feelings clearly.

There is no doubt that funeral letters can be heartbreaking to write. However, they can also be a component of healing. They can help you to think about and organize your feelings. And, while they will not bring a person back, they can help you to take a single step forward in the healing process. Craft your funeral letters and then use to help you with the process of sharing your loss. Make this a meaningful expression of your personal thoughts to truly make it successful.


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