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Coping with loss is never a simple process. The initial feelings of loss do lessen over time, but they can be instantly brought back up into your life at the most random times. Grief doesn’t simply end. It continues long after a person isn’t in your life any longer. One of the hardest parts of this process is learning to cope when reminders of that person come up in your day to day life.

Realizing the Feeling of Pushing It Away Is Okay

Many men and women experience intense loss initially. Over time, it can become easier to live with, but a reminder may instantly lead you to feelings of frustration and anxiety. It’s normal to feel as though you want to shut away the reminders of your loved one. They may seem too painful and raw. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to do so but, knowing it’s normal can help.

Consider These Tips for Managing Loss

When it comes to coping with loss, it’s important to realize that these reminders can happen at any time. There’s no real way to be prepared for them, but you can learn how to react.

-Your emotions may change from time to time from these reminders. For example, you may be angry or even depressed. You may have trouble sleeping or feel guilty.

-Plan to have a distraction available when you are engaging in any activity in which there could be a reminder. This may include having a good friend nearby. Do this on significant days as well, such as anniversaries and birthdays.

-Reminisce about the experience. When doing so, think more about the positive moments and experiences. Put your feelings on paper. You can even write a letter to your lost loved one.

-It’s also important to connect with other people on a regular basis. Having a strong support team, whether it is a group of friends or someone online, can help you to cope with your feelings when they become too intense.

-It’s also important to do something in honor of your loved one to help you to connect them with a positive experience. Plant a tree in their name or make a charitable contribution.

Coping with loss in the moment is difficult to do, but it will happen. Give yourself time and be patient through the grieving process.

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