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It’s not possible to avoid grief. You need to work through it when you’ve lost someone in your life. While many people feel grieving is a negative experience, it can be a gift. It’s an opportunity to reflect, remember, and heal. While everyone will grieve in their own way, most people can learn to cope with grief by simply going one step at a time through the process.

Mourning Is Necessary

Even if the person that’s passed on wasn’t very close to you, it’s important and valuable to mourn. Mourning is a way of openly expressing the way you feel both about the person who is no longer in your life as well as about death itself. It’s a journey. And, while it may seem frightening and painful, it can help you to appreciate the opportunity you’ve had to have this person in your life.

Your Grieving Process Is Unique

Everyone grieves in their own way, and there is no wrong way to do so. Your relationship with this person is unique and, therefore, the grieving you do for him or her will be different than what others experience. Your emotional state along with your religious and cultural beliefs also impact the way you grieve. It’s very important for your own healing to avoid trying to compare what you are going through with the way others are expressing themselves.

Understand Your Limits

One of the most important concepts in your healing process is time. During this time, you’ll feel a wide range of emotions. You may be angry, confused, scared, relieved, and even explosively overwhelmed. When you feel this way, take a step back. You’ll find that you do have limits. Physically, you may be more tired and unable to get everything done that you need to. Emotionally, you’ll be tired. You may be unable to focus or say anything to anyone. You need to invest the time necessary in caring for yourself. It’s part of your natural survival skills to care for yourself. That means eating, sleeping, and nurturing yourself.

Take the time you need to mourn. Coping with grief requires going through numerous stages of pain and relief. You’ll feel numb and that’s okay. Have a support system that can help you to make the right decisions about your day-to-day needs. You may want to rely on your spirituality. Ultimately, grieve in your own way and take this time to reflect on not just what you’ve lost, but also on what you’ve gained by having this person in your life.

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