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Grief, what is grief? The dictionary defines grief as intense emotional suffering; deep mental anguish.  


When a special and significant person in our life dies, life has changed forever! Things are not how they’ve always been. There’s confusion, and so many questions are asked…


Why him? Why me?

She was only a baby!

If only we had known sooner!

He had so many good years left!

What could I have done differently?

How will I go on?


How does that translate into our daily lives? What does that mean?

In an excerpt from a poem by Vicki Tushingham titled “When You Are Bereaved It Is All Right To…”:


“Scream in the shower; Yell in the car; Howl at the moon;

Cry anywhere you like; misplace your glasses; lose the car; forget your own name;

Put milk in the cupboard, toilet paper in the refrigerator, and ice cream in the oven;


Wear one black shoe and one navy; Have tear stains on your tie; Eat French Fries for breakfast;

Write her a letter; Bake him a cake; Smell her clothes;

Celebrate his life on his birthday; Leave her room the way it was for as long as you like.”


Grievers often have the fortune of support from family, friends, and colleagues. But what happens when everyone goes back to their own lives?


Weeks later, many find it uncomfortable to ask: How are you? Are you doing okay? They’re too afraid to spark an awkward emotion, this thing called grief! As a result, most are left feeling isolated and alone.


During one of life’s most difficult moments, offers grieving adults an opportunity to connect and share with others experiencing similar grief. Through communication, the memories stay alive, and the healing begins.


We believe there is no need to grieve alone. That’s why we created the AMF App. We invite you to join us today by registering for the AMF App. Not sure; learn more here.

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