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With Thanksgiving coming up, many are starting to make their holiday preparations with family members.  They’re deciding who is going to do the grocery shopping, who is in charge of the turkey, and who is making pie.  They’re writing down things they are thankful for and have an abundant list.  However, for some, Thanksgiving is a day that they find it hard to come up with things they are thankful for, because they’re going to be missing an important person at their table. For grieving college students and young adults, they could be facing the holiday alone.

Our AMF Alumni Board has collected some thoughts about how to help prepare for Thanksgiving. Here’s what we have to say:

  • Make your loved one’s favorite Thanksgiving dish
  • Leave an empty chair and/or place setting for your loved one
  • You don’t have to hold onto traditions, do what you think you feel up to
  • Spend time reminiscing about your favorite stories of your loved one around the table
  • Mentally prepare yourself for a missing seat at the table
  • Let those around your table know how thankful you are for them

How could you support someone who is grieving during thanksgiving?

  • Invite them over to your feast or dessert
  • Let them know you’re thinking about them during the holiday
  • Decide to have a Friendsgiving before or after Thanksgiving to celebrate with them

No matter how you are feeling during the start of the holiday season, we hope that our many resources can help you feel some comfort.

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