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Vernie Mae Ruffin

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Vernie Mae Ruffin

Place of birth: Chicago

Religious affiliation: Christian

Vernie Mae Ruffin, born April 7th, 1937 in Chicago IL. She was the third of four children born from the union of Solomon and Leola Lawson, who have both preceded her to glory. Vernie accepted Christ at an early age and believed God would “always” provide. She attended Medille School and Sawyer Business College, where she studied to become a clerical assistant— learning shorthand and typing. She was employed by Corn Products Refining Co. in Summit IL., The Art Institute of Chicago, and worked as a housekeeper as well. Her final endeavor as a Homemaker allowed her the opportunity to provide love and care for many children throughout the years. In 1952, Vernie married Simmie H. Ruffin, and from that union, two children (Dianne Ruffin-Gohlar and Simmie V. Ruffin) were born. As a young woman, Vernie changed her name and insisted everyone call her “Terry,” and because of her strong will everyone complied. Throughout her life, she acquired many titles: she was affectionately referred to as Momma by her children, Granny, by her grandchildren and neighborhood, Auntie Bunny by her nieces and nephews, Suga, short for Sugar-Foot by her great-grandchildren, and last but not least, “Strawberry” by the residents of the senior building because of her love for strawberry soda. Despite the opinions of others, Vernie lived life on her terms. She was forever young and lived her life in that order. She awoke every day, put on her clothes and makeup, always dressing like she was going some place important. When asked why, she responded, “because I’m not going anywhere doesn’t mean I shouldn’t dress for MYSELF.” No one could recall seeing Vernie outside her home without her “face”. She believed you were as young as you feel and she never wanted to be perceived as old, no matter what age she reached. Vernie was overtly independent and asked no one for anything. She walked everywhere she desired to go, and in her later years, had no reservation, using her mobile scooter to travel just the same.

Funeral Notice Detail

In honor of Vernie, please wear red accent to the services.

A Memorial Service will be held at

New Bread of Life

5734 W. Division St.

Chicago , IL 60644

On: Jan 20, 2018 — At: 10:00 AM

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