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Spike Erickson

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Spike Erickson

Place of birth: St. Petersburg, FL

This is Spike. He was born in 2006. We adopted his sister and him in October 2015. They were not treated well by the original owners. We only had Buffy for 2 years,. Spike was nearly 15 years old. I love this dog. I cannot believe he has been gone an entire week. I have spent the day in tears. I don’t know if I have ever been this attached to a pet before. I think part of it is because I developed some autoimmune diseases when we got him, and he really helped me through the pain. I am going to be missing him for a long, long time. Poodles are the second smartest dog breed, and he was very smart. He loved Greenies and Fettucine Alfredo. He was not a really snuggly dog, but he liked to be right next to me. I really miss you, Spikey. Until we meet in heaven, big guy. 

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