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Robert J Porter

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Robert J Porter

Place of birth: Brooklyn, New York

Forever remembered in our hearts.

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  • Eleanor VonAchen On

    The meaning of life...

    Tuesday before last, my father said to me, "Ask me tomorrow, what the meaning of life is." Earlier we had an ask Poppy session. We were giving the opportunity to ask him anything we wanted. What he wanted to be when he grew up, a scientist. His favorite color, green. When he knew he was gay, most of his life. He was not well the next day. I didn't get to ask. I decided to let him rest. We went to the ICU that afternoon. I never got to ask him. I believe he would have said something like, the meaning of life is love. Being who you are. Learning. His kids. His grand kids. Watching them grow and seeing who they have become. That the meaning of life was us. I love you Daddy. And I will miss you forever.


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