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Robert Burris

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Robert Burris

Place of birth: Galviston Texas

Religious affiliation: Other

Robert didn’t have any enemies. He was the kind of person who saw the good in everybody and tried to be friends. As a result, he was surrounded by an amazing network of people that he had been building since he was in high school. He graduated from Fountain Hills High School in Fountain Hills, AZ in 2003, where he co-wrote the song used in his graduation and every graduation since at FHHS. He moved to Colorado in 2009, and absolutely loved it there, becoming a Broncos, Avalanche, and Rockies fan. He was a one-of-a-kind salesman, one who didn’t want to sell you something to make money but to sell you something because you needed it. He was also a friend and coach, and at the time of his death was up for manager at TruGreen, as well as maintaining a second part-time job at Big State Industrial. He was married in May of 2014, and he and his wife had been trying to start a family, but it hadn’t happened yet. He was incredibly supportive of her completing her Bachelor’s and becoming a certified teacher. In his free time, Robert enjoyed playing and reviewing video games, watching movies, playing poker, and spending time with his friends. He was an incredibly talented writer, and aspired to be a published author.

Funeral Notice Detail

Robert passed away on November 4, 2014, after a prolonged illness that began on September 4, 2014, while on a short trip to Las Vegas. While the origins of his illness were unclear, he was diagnosed with pneumonia that exacerbated an underlying pulmonary hypertension and made it difficult for him to wake up from the sedation he was placed under to let his lungs heal. As a result of this sedation, he developed pressure wounds and the sepsis from these wounds caused him to become incredibly unstable November 3rd. The following evening, surrounded by family and friends, life support was withdrawn from Robert and he passed away quickly at 7:20pm PST. A celebration of life will be held on November 22, 2014, at 10:00 am at the Candlewood Meeting Hall in the Candlewood Suites DTC location: 10535 El Diente Ct, Englewood, CO 80112. A potluck lunch will be served after. Robert is survived by his wife, Jennifer Burris, his parents Shannon and Leonard Burris, his mother-in-law Lynnette Stewart, and many other friends, family members, and and people who\'s lives were touched forever by his.

A Memorial Service will be held at

Candlewood Meeting Hall in the Candlewood Suites DTC location

10535 El Diente Ct

Englewood , CO 80112

On: Nov 22, 2014 — At: 10:00 AM

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  • Sarah Holley On

    A one of a kind man

    After working with Robert for a year and a half I gained a friend and wise advisor to some of lives challenges, Robert was by far a one of a kind man he was able to see past all of someone's issues to see how beautiful they where on the inside and how much good they had. My first impression was who is this guy when I first meet him he sat next to me at trugreen his first days on the floor and I have worked there for 8 years after one of my calls he turned and said " just a suggestion I would have said it this way" I remember thinking who does this new guy think he is lol. Later that day after talking with him I realized that he is just someone who does not fear putting in info and speaking freeley lol. I never thought I would have taken advice from a rookie but then throughout our time he began to come to me for help a lot and visversa. He then got me a job with him over Christmas time last year and I decided to play a joke with him to brighten his day. He was stressing about money with bills and Jens school quarter and I tried everything to help him know that everything would be OK but it was wearing on him so I went and bought a scratch ticket and the next day I gave it to him and told him maybe this would help, he waited most of the day at work to scratch and when he did he had won one million dollars lol, he started showing everyone at work and finally realized that I had given him a prank scratch ticket that wasn't real..... He didn't speak to me until we were on our way home and he started laughing, he realized my point was to help him lighten up about money because it wasn't always as bad as it could be. He said thank u for making him smile but that he was going to get me back lol. Robert you are missed and your life will always have an impact on all of us!! R.I.P Robert we love you!!


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