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Rob Null

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Rob Null

Place of birth: Springfield, Ohio

Religious affiliation: Christian

Rob is loved by many. He made many laugh and liked to have fun. He sure loved his given family. Rob fought a hard life, and will continue to be an inspiration for us. The best part is knowing that by God’s amazing grace he is no longer suffering, but is with our savior. So much more can be said, so family and friends please feel free to add what is on your heart, and pictures if you have them. Forever loved so much, Dad. ❤️💗💛❣️💖💚💙💞💜💓❤️

4 Responses

  • Kathy Null On

    Rob ~ I cannot even begin to explain how much I miss you, enough to say I truly despise life without you!!! You were loved more than you could ever imagine. I'm so lost without you, I feel like I'm lost at sea all alone. I am looking so forward to the day we are re-united. I'm so sorry that you spent your last few years of your life in bad health & in & out of hospital. I'm so thankful that I could spend 22 years of my life with you, it's not nearly enough ~ although it would never be enough, I would never be ready to be without you!!! I know you're in a much better place & God will carry our girls & I through the rest of our days here on earth. There are times I think I have something to tell you or ask you & knowing that I can't breaks my heart in a million more pieces. I know time will heal us somewhat but in the meantime this really sucks!!! I love & miss you more than life. Love: your forever wife Kathy

  • Krystal Null On

    Hi Dad. I miss you.. a lot lately, as life goes on. It doesn't feel real that you are not with us on earth right now. I think I am going to tell you something or ask you something and forget for a second that you aren't here. You already know. I'll keep remembering that you are in a much better place. Love you!

  • Krystal Null On

    Dad I know you're in a better place Just wish that I could see your face Hear your laughter Feel your love But you're better up above

  • Krystal Null On

    Hi Dad, now that I've had time to process everything, I felt I should get it out. Dad right now it's hard for us and that's okay. We miss you dearly everyday. So many things remind me of you, and right now make me tear up. It's hard to play the Wizard of Oz game knowing I'll never get another notification saying that Robert Null has sent you a gift. Though we don't have a lot in common, you always cared for me. I've grown to love some things like you, like cars, cartoons, and Spider-Man. We'll miss your famous chili and your spaghetti too. You're a great cook and I like to cook too. I must have got my taste from you cause I could eat burgers everyday. You are so good at helping fix things and know how things go together and work. I'm thankful we have Austin though, who you loved so much as well. I'm thankful that I texted you before you had to go. I'll never forget how you told me that when I was you born you did not know whether to smile or cry. It is true that you and Mom are the strongest people Sis and I know. You're our heroes. You fought through so much. I know you want us to be strong too. When your dad died you sang a funny song and danced for us. I'll never forget when you and Sis took naps and we all watched cartoons. Those songs you sang when you brushed our hair will always be in my mind. Your monkey call and rooster alarms are always with us. I remember when you chased us with the claw, snake, cow, and shark. You were like a dog magnet. They have a special place in my heart too. I'm thankful that one of the last things we did was go to your favorite restaurant Big Boy. I'm thankful many got to hold your hands as we said see you later. You're such a good dad and husband to Mom. One of the things you can best be known for is your love for us. Other people saw it too, the love that's in you. You did a good job Dad. Your example will help carry me through. These memories we'll cherish forever. It's going to be hard for a while Dad and that's okay. We'll cry because we miss you. But it's okay Dad. That's a part of this life. I'm thankful to have Darla. She is a blessing to us. We have so much support and love from others as well. The greatest gift and blessing I could ever ask for is knowing that God worked in your heart. Your faith is an inspiration and you will be a shining light to lead others. I'm so thankful you're with God who gave His amazing grace. You see Him in His glory and meet Him face to face. He set you free as part of His plan to bring many closer to Him. Time is a weird thing Dad. Our days here are not long. We'll see you in a little bit for all eternity. Love you Daddy! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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