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The word “strength” often conjures images of stoic resolve, a stiff upper lip, and a refusal to let the tears fall. The phrase “be strong” has become a cliche, especially when dealing with loss and grief. But what if strength didn’t mean suppressing your emotions or bottling up your tears? What if true strength was about embracing your grief, showing your pain, and acknowledging that it’s okay not to be okay?


Leaning into Grief


Repressing grief might seem like the strong thing to do, but it’s more like hiding from the truth. Real strength lies in the willingness to lean into grief, allowing yourself to feel the pain, and expressing the emotions that come with it. It’s okay to cry and miss someone you love deeply. Crying isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a sign that your connection to someone is authentic and meaningful and that you’re missing them deeply.


One person found relief when they stopped trying to be “strong” in the traditional sense and instead embraced their grief. It was like a weight lifted, acknowledging their feelings were valid. By showing their pain and letting others see their vulnerability, they empowered themselves to heal. It takes courage to let others in during such a difficult time, but it creates a space for support, compassion, and understanding.


Grieving on Father’s Day


As Father’s Day approaches, many people look forward to celebrating this day. But for others who have lost their fathers or father-like figures—it can be a day filled with heartache and memories, a yearning for someone whose physical presence is no longer with us. What’s important to remember is that any feelings associated with your grief are normal. You will likely feel a wide range of emotions, and they may come and go in waves, but instead of trying to push them away, allow yourself to feel them, and eventually, they will start to fade.


Remember, it’s essential to permit yourself to feel however you need to on this day. Grief doesn’t follow a set timeline, and there’s no right or wrong way to navigate it. Strength comes from the journey.


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