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Ozzie Zed Lee

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Ozzie Zed Lee

Place of birth: Lexington, Kentucky

Ozzie Zed Lee – a precious son, loving father, brother, cousin and friend. Laid back, easy going, he never seemed to let much get to him. A quick wit, sarcastic humor, that was just him. Loved to make people happy. His son, Rylan was his heart and he was a great Dada. My son, my only child – he is my heart and soul. I loved him unconditionally and we shared a very special bond. My life forever changed, my best friend is gone. It is strange and surreal living a life without him. He loved music, drawing and writing. Played a mean guitar…..shy enough that he wouldn’t play in front of many people. Strong, so strong…..went through too many challenges in his young life, but faced them all with a “it will be ok” attitude. He would tell me from time to time that he wouldn’t live to be an old man. I think he somehow knew his life on Earth would be short. I miss his laughter, his love and just everything about him. Fly high my son, fly high………always in my heart.

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