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Steven Aricebo Universe Matthews

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Steven Aricebo Universe Matthews

Your Pets Home: Olympia, WA

Pet type: Dog

Stevie was a VERY good boy.  He loved warm bits of chicken and he was getting braver and braver with the doggy door.  His favorite game was tug, and he had special squeaky fishes that he would push into your hand so you would tug on them. He loved to play fetch in the house, but not outside – he’d never bring the toy back!  His favorite sleeping position was curled up next to Mom with his nose shoved in the crook of her neck. He LOVED the ORLA fields and would zoom in circles when taken for a play. Stevie LOVED his zoomies. He really really loved other dogs and was so excited to play with them.Stevie was super smart and learned sit, jump, spin, shake, lay down, and roll over within a month. He ALSO learned to push chairs out so that he could jump up on them to get on top of the table.Stevie always wanted to get between you and your laptop. Stevie was so handsome in his little orange raincoat and his gray sweater. He loved to chew on rawhide bones.Stevie loved bedtime stories and would jump into bed with Zoey and Ami every night when Mom would read books to them. He liked to get as much in the way of reading the book as possible.He was so incredibly loved by his family. We will never forget him.

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