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Sparky Keresztes

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Sparky Keresztes

Your Pets Home: Pitt Meadows, BC

Pet type: Dog

Sparky was and still is the love of my life. He brought so much joy to my life and everyone he met. He was so sweet. Sparky loved everyone. Especially his mommy, auntie, Donna, and his buddy, Sunshine, my cat. He was very humble. Never selfish. Always there to greet me when I got home, and slept with me every night. Sparky helped me through my addiction, and met so many wonderful people, whom he cherished every moment with at my meetings. There is a huge hole in my heart, which will eventually be filled with endless memories of you, my Sparky baby. Run, play, and enjoy the next journey of your life. Thank you for the time we had together. Love you, forever. Mommy❤️🙏xoxo

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