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Your Pets Home: Poquoson, VA

Pet type: Dog

Snoopy was born in the  bathroom connected to my bedroom to my sweet Bonnie Blue.I still remember curling up with her on the bathroom floor and just holding her close while she labored through.Not long after my sweet Snoopy boy was born into my hands. I grabbed him up,busted the sac around him and dried him off. I knew immediately he was a keeper. What I didn’t know was the bond him and I were going to develop over the next 16 yrs.There are so many beautiful memories him and I shared together.He was with me through all my triumphs,all my failures and even my heartbreaks.No matter what was going on he always loves me unconditionally.This past Thursday was Snoopy’s last day on this Earth. My heart is completely broken broken and I cannot see an end to my grief. He was such a huge part of my life and now I just feel so lost.I seek comfort from my other dog ,Ollie, who I love dearly but I realize that there never will be anything or anyone that even comes close to my Snoop dog.I pray so hard that I will get to see and hold him again one day.I miss his tiny crooked legs and Frito paws. He was the best dachshund that ever lived and I will forever love him!

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