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Rex Courington

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Rex Courington

Your Pets Home: None

Today I lost my best friend. He was pushing 20 years old I got him from another friend who moved out of state and couldn’t take him. I personally belonged to him for 15 years. In his final days he was barely eating had issues using the bathroom and was in constant pain. I always knew he would die someday but I thought it would be peacefully in his sleep. The hardest thing I had to do was call the Vet and make an appointment to put my friend to sleep. The only thing we didn’t do together is when I went to work he was my “buddy buddy”. It’s so quiet now I cant hear his little feet tapping on the floors. I look around and I dont see this little face looking back at me as if saying “I got you bro”. Noone could ever sneak up on me when he was around he had the bark of a big dog. But was the sweetest dog ever everyone always fell in love with him…after he stopped barking that is lol. I always thought I was a good person but now I have to make sure I am because I know he went to heaven and I want to see him again.

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