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Your Pets Home: Cookeville, Tenn.

Precious was a beautiful little female Dachshund. She was the light of my life. My sleeping companion, my wake-up companion, my all-day friend. She was as much a daughter as any human could be. She loved her Mommy (my wife, Yvonne), but she worshipped her Daddy. She loved belly rubs and going bye-bye in the car. Her last bye-bye in the car was heart breaking. We took her to be “put to sleep” at Flatt Veterinarian. She had been diagnosed with large cell, high-grade lymphoma. My wife and I were devastated. Still are. Both of us physically hurt in our chests, just like a post-surgery pain. We’ve both held one another and just wailed. She’s buried right outside the bedroom window, under a shade tree. Her grave has a fresh mound of earth humped up and is surrounded by stones. My wife put a silk rose standing up in the center, and we added a bouquet that her friend at work made for Precious. I’ve never loved any little creature as much as I loved, and still love, my sweet little “PooPoo”. Even saying that I miss her doesn’t convey the terrible emptiness I feel over her being gone. I hope she’s in a place, a happy place, waiting for her Daddy and Mommy and that we’ll all be together for eternity some day. I sincerely do.

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