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Your Pets Home: Miami, Fla

Pet type: Dog

In remembrance of Max, we love you 🐶🐾🌈You where special in so many ways but mostly for your Spunk & Joy de Vivir! You made my Gloomiest of Day’s Sunny 🌞 I wish I could of kept you in my life longer you where family and I’m grateful for every moment we shared! You loved to stretch in the mornings and our daily walks in AM & PM we both looked forward to them! You loved your treats and orange treat ball toy and playing with your stuffed animals. There was a time you would try and steal the ones that didn’t belong to you! Lol 😂 You love sticking your head out of the car window & laying outside to catch some rays & a cool breeze! You loved running around in my parents back yard & running on the shore of the beach and playing with the waves! You like watching TV and knew when a commercial jingle came on that had a animal in it & would start to bark at the TV. Your fur was soft and your bark was light! Two of the many things you taught me was to love unconditionally & to stop and enjoy the moment! You where simply amazing  and I’m grateful God placed you in my life, Dog 🐶 is God spelled backwards because god created you as part of his  special creations! 
I love you forever, Rest In Peace Maxie Boy ❤️

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